Today i want to shed light on someone who has been a major push in my life, a role model(lol she doesn’t even know) , particularly on my journey to get to a deeper level with Christ. Don’t get me wrong, my mum is my role model, and Christ is ultimately my role model above everything, but this is different. Very Different. Very different because i discovered her on my own. Infact, God placed her in my life, in my way.

First Lady Sarah Jakes Roberts! This woman is everything and more!

I first came across this woman during my transition period, as i love to refer to it as. I was randomly scrolling through YouTube looking for messages, and sermons and stuff, and i stumbled upon her. I stumbled upon this series. It was titled the Lost and Found Webisode series(watch it if you can…you will be blessed), actually. I started with the first one, and i couldn’t move away until i got to the last one, episode 8. It changed something within me and birthed in my heart, a burning desire to share, to open up, and to discover more in my life. That was it! I was hooked. I can confidently say that was precisely the beginning of my search for God on a deeper level.

This woman is strong. She is very transparent with her story and her life(The main reason why i gravitated towards her). The perfect example of strength  in a woman. Just a bit about Sarah:

“Sarah Jakes Roberts is the daughter of megachurch pastor, bestselling author and film producer, Bishop T.D. Jakes and Mrs. Serita Jakes. Sarah shares her story with a rarely seen transparency and because of that, people gravitate to her. Like every girl, Sarah Jakes dreamed of a life full of love, laughter, and happy endings. But her dreams changed dramatically when she became pregnant at age thirteen, a reality only compounded by the fact that her father, Bishop T.D. Jakes, was one of the most influential megachurch pastors in the nation. As a teen mom and a high-profile preacher’s kid, her road was lonely. She was shunned at school, gossiped about at church. And a few years later, when a fairy-tale marriage ended in a spiral of hurt and rejection, she could have let her pain dictate her future. Instead, she found herself surrounded by a God she’d given up on, crashing headlong with Him into a destiny she’d never dreamed of. Sarah’s captivating story, unflinchingly honest and deeply vulnerable, is a vivid reminder that God can turn even the deepest pain into His perfection.”

Sarah is married to the amazing Pastor of One Church LA, and I have watched them share their journey together during one of their services at church multiple times, and  i still find myself re-watching it constantly. Wonder why? Because i desire to have that kind of love in my life some day. It is so beautiful, and the fact that she was someone you could easily think couldn’t get love any longer, or would think she was so broken she wouldn’t go find love anymore, gives you and i hope.

I constantly learn so much from them, I’m sure you can too. One thing i took from their discussion was that,”You want God to bring your mate to you.” Sometimes, when i begin to “have conversations” with a guy, I try to protect him from the broken parts of me.  “We want love, but nobody wants the vulnerability that love requires.” I am still learning, and they sure are a good example to follow.

“Nothing can change what’s already been done, but anything can happen with what you have left. Spend less time editing your past and focus on creating a better future.”

I’m not entirely sure i want to be a first lady, but if i am, i want to be just like her and even better.

Wondering who i am talking about???……

Fashionista! Mother! First Lady! Writer! Businesswoman!Boss! I simply love her!


You can check her website and blog out by clicking either or the links below.



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