20 random facts about me

It’s been a long couple of days, and I’m just laying in bed now just thinking, and it crossed my mind. So you awesome people keep reading about my journey with Christ and my struggles and successes, so I thought to just share a few random facts about me just so we can get to know each other a tad bit better. Go ahead and share a few of yours in the comments section…we might just be alike. Haha!

1. I am a firm believer of God because He has shown me great and mighty things. He has proven to always be there, and now He is the number 1 constant in my life.
2. The only seafood I can actually eat is shrimps.
3. I cherish friendships a whole lot. So if we’re friends, we’re basically stuck together for life until you do something so serious and I can’t deal any longer.
4. I love me some wine, no matter the time of day….are u judging?🤔
5. I eat a loooot, especially if it’s something I love.
6. If I like a song, I play it everyday until you start to hate it and I get tired of it…lol…yeah I’m that type.
7. There’s nothing a plate of jollof can’t fix in my life…oh Ghanaian jollof…. I don’t just eat anyone’s jollof. It’s that serious to me.
8. I love my life to be stress free. Super chill. So anything that brings me stress, I push it out of my life as far as I can.
9. I love everything about France….the language, the food, the attractions…tout!!🇫🇷
10. I love Beyoncé ❤️😍 because she’s beautiful, an awesome performer, wonderful singer, and I love every one of her songs on every album.
11. I am scared to open up to men, it’s this insane fear that comes up every time I think about it, but I am in the process of allowing God to help me through this situation.(I will write a post on that soon)
12. I love movies and shows with subtitles…Korean and Spanish. Very weird, I know😭 but I really enjoy them.
13. I love being by myself. Mostly because I get to reflect, think and blog. I’m in no way antisocial, I just enjoy it. Lol!
14. I’m an extremely picky eater.
15. I am not always open to new things😭😭 eventually I do tho….but it takes a lot of convincing.
16. I have some inward ratchet traits, don’t judge y’all.
17. I love my birthday so much, mostly because it’s in December. ❤️❤️
18. I read or watch tv shows in my spare time .
19. I am huge coffee drinker, as well as a huge tea drinker. Best of both worlds!!☺️☺️
20. I love you all so much because you keep me going every time. Your comments keep me writing and encouraged. Your openness gives me comfort, and I appreciate everyone of you! Y’all are the best 😘😘

4 thoughts on “20 random facts about me”

  1. Hi Judy, You are a Simple Wonderful Girl. Period.
    I too love being by myself when I’m tensed. Otherwise, I love to shout and dance and sing with my crazy friends. I have a care a damn for high fi society attitude. I love helping people. Especially the ones who need help. I Love to Pray and have Full Faith in God. I know HE is there next to me, so I don’t worry much about my problems. I love to write poems. But I write mostly of things that disturb me or things that made me very happy.
    I stay in India. Mumbai and have never traveled out of India and am praying and waiting for that day to come, when I will go on a world tour, visit Jerusalem first, then Rome, then Australia, London, Spain, Texas.
    I love eating but am trying hard to remain slim, cause I’m emabarrased shopping for plus sizes. I love chocolates and keep telling my friends in Dubai and Qatar to send me those small bottle chocolates with liqueur , but nobody does it. People get proud and forget friendship, when they become rich.
    What Else ? You read me poems.

  2. I can definitely relate to number 8 and 15 😀 And, who would have thought that someone who eats a lot could be a picky eater too 😉 😀 You’re an amazing person Judy and these 20 random facts only help in validating this! xx

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