The TAMAR firing saga!! (They Triiedd itt)

So i’m not entirely sure how many of you know my girl..Miss Tamar Braxton(She’s married tho, don’t let the Miss fool you). I absolutely love this woman! She brings life everywhere she goes. She keeps it real…like almost too real sometimes. She’s always beat to death and snatched for the gods!! Her wardrobe…oh lawwd!! There’s never a day she doesn’t slay! Her wigs…-hallelu….lets me get my life! I can go on and on and on about her but that would defeat the purpose of this post. So let’s get right to it.

Tamar was on this daytime TV show called ‘The Real’ for two seasons. The ladies did definitely keep it real all the time though. Everyone loved them and their chemistry on and off the show(well what they showed us). About a week ago, we found out Tamar had been fired from the show and was completely blindsided. So much that she did not even get the courtesy of a call. But that’s okay.

But isn’t God awesome?

After a week off social  media, she does this radio interview with famous Steve Harvey and gives us the tea on this whole issue. She kept it very real with us. What moved me to even write this post was how much faith, courage and growth she showed during the interview. I mean, it was uber inspiring to me, and from the comments, to a bunch of people as well.

Tamar said, “Getting fired or being let down from a show doesn’t mean you shouldn’t value your worth, cos i do.”, “This is not a setback, it is a set up”, “You have to speak positivity over your life”, “Sometimes…we all have the feeling inside of us that its time to leap or jump and when you don’t, God will push you over the edge, He will do it for you, and sometimes its unexpected….i don’t see it as this is anything negative, this is everything positive, and i just feel like God is moving in my life now more than ever because now i have to really depend and trust Him.”

Hearing her talk like this, just really moved me and reassured me and everyone that God is in it with you all the way. The beauty of this is, now she has been signed with another production company to produce her own talk show, TV series. “Won’t He do it?”, in Tamar’s voice! She is already back on her feet!

Here is a link to the interview

1 thought on “The TAMAR firing saga!! (They Triiedd itt)”

  1. Wow! That’s so encouraging. And I agree with you – to speak with such strength, despite her pain must have come from a really humble place where she had received assurance from God. That’s confidence honestly and I think it’s the kind of confidence God wants us to have in Him – that no matter what happens, whether good or bad, is in our favor, because He alone let it happen. ….Good God!
    Thanks for this post, and for pulling this lesson out.

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