Ce n’était pas du tout la fin

P.S this post is from two years ago

We all have certain times in our lives we find ourselves broken. Honestly, true strength is found in picking up the pieces. These past few months, i must admit have been the toughest in my twenty one years on this earth. I felt as though i was in the middle of these skyscrapers and they were just crumbling down each step i take. At such a time, you feel like giving up, you feel like all hope is lost, there is no one to lean on, at times you even feel God has left your side. The one person you loved with all you had, or at least thought you loved, stabbing you right in your heart where it hurts the most and smiling about it. Friends betraying you, family giving up on you, no ounce of faith left to rely on God; honestly, what do you do?

….I cried, i wept, i wanted it all to stop, i wanted everything to pause, i wanted to press the stop button in life, or even rewind to the good times, or fast forward to hopefully something better; i just didn’t want the camera to keep rolling. I did crazy things, allowed the devil to get a hold of me, i basically gave up on life. I was lost. In the midst of all that chaos, i lost myself, i forgot who i was, did ungodly things, fell right into this evil and cruel world. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears at what i did and said.

I had friends who personally called my parents to update them on my life with a ton of lies. Occasionally tried to figure out which one of them was guilty, but to no avail. I was confused, and totally broken. I was falling hard and fast.

But then, in the midst of all that, my Father in heaven said no, He has a greater plan for me, this is not where my story is supposed to end. Though i couldn’t believe it could actually happen, i held on to that. I’ve never had such a testimony to give in forever! Oooh…I picked up those broken pieces, and formed something bigger and better. He showed me who is truly in charge, and that all these worldly things: friends, relationships, “love”, heartbreaks, betrayals and all that, will surely pass away, they are all perishable goods in the eyes of the Lord. I’m not here to reach, but to show you how you can learn from my experiences and react better to these situations.

Like my title says, It wasn’t the end at all……infact, it was just the beginning of a bigger, better chapter of my life! 🙂 🙂

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