CHAPTER 2: Who am I?.😍😘🍃🌭❤💭💭


I am shy, inquisitive, brave, yet timid; I am a listener yet i seldom keep it. I am ambitious, yet fearful, i am full of ideas, but scared to implement them. I am neat but very messy. I am open, yet closed to some people. I am friendly, sometimes to a fault. I am an optimistic pessimist, only when it comes to myself. I am a lover, to the right people. I am loud, yet very quiet.

I am indecisive. I am spontaneous. I am scared. I am crazy. I am flirtatious, i am proud not very often though. I am insecure, believe it or not. I am ratchet…haha that’s what love and hip-hop does to you. I am God-fearing. I am faithful. I am carefully clumsy….ask my friends from high school, tripping was my middle name. LOL. I am free. I am open minded. I am loved.

I am a woman. I look in the mirror and i see a woman who has owned her past. A woman who has realized that her purpose was built from her pain. A woman who realizes the importance of learning from her mistakes. A woman who is not afraid to tell all.

I am a woman after God’s heart(Yes, I claim it!) and i am just on the 24th Chapter of my story.

11 thoughts on “CHAPTER 2: Who am I?.😍😘🍃🌭❤💭💭”

  1. You write beautifully!
    And you’re so much of a “middle person”. You’re this, and that, but neither of the two. 🙂
    I found some similarities tho.
    But I think I am like Diana M. When I am asked to describe myself, I usually find myself short of words. 🙂
    Nice post!
    Your life has even many more beautiful chapters ahead!

    1. Oh wow! That means so much to me. And amen to the many more beautiful chapters:):) But you should try it! Just type it out. You’ll be amazed at how honest you will be, as you know yourself way better than anyone else(except God)

  2. Haha.. And yes that is very true, it was a struggle for me, trying to figure out exactly who i am(more like describe it)…well part of it at least.

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