Daughter of a King (Inspired by a fellow blogger)

Hey guys! So today’s post is more of an inspiration. I came across this blog post and i fell in love with it. I initially wanted to post a similar one, but i realised i’d rather post(REPOST) the exact message, because it cannot be said any other way. So please be inspired and blessed as well. Its not originally my post, so please note that. I have included the link to the original writer’s blog. God bless you www.testedwithfire.wordpress.com

“Dear God,It is your princess again.

When my plans are shattered and I am not sure what to do next, remind me that ‘many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails’ (Prov 19:21). May I take solace in the fact that you will give me your very best.

When I smile, may the radiance emit from the quiet confidence that ‘you walk with me, even in the valley of the shadow of death.’ (Psalm 23:4). When tears well up in my eyes because of troubles, disappointment or pain, may you yourself wipe away my tears and give me your peace-your kind of peace, not the kind the world gives(John 14:27), but rather peace in the midst of the storm.

May I be a woman given to prayer and the Word. May my lips be full of praise. May my life be littered with testimonies of faith.

May I excel in whatever I put my hands to. May my speech, actions and thoughts be seasoned with salt. May my commitment to purity not be dependent on the ‘audience’, but rather a heartfelt desire to make you proud.

Father, surround me with people that I can look up to, people who will inspire me to walk even more closely with you. May I be found in the company of people who love you and want to be more like you. Give us the grace to keep one another on track, correcting one another in love.

And Father, when I do go off track, remind me that your love covers all offences and bears no record of wrong.(1 Corin 13:5-6) Remind me that you want to forgive me even more than I want to be forgiven. Give me the courage to start afresh with you, knowing that you are ever patient and willing to be my guide.

When I eventually get married to that amazing man after your own heart, help me to be a loving wife. May my submission to him, as the head of our home, be based on your Word and not based on the world’s definition. Help me to respect his opinions, especially when they vary from mine. Help me to support his ministry, vision and purpose, and be his biggest fan. Give me the discipline to pray for, and with him. May I give him reason to ‘have full confidence in me’. (Prov 31:11a)

When you bless my home with the laughter of children, give me the grace to be an amazing mother. May I raise up mighty men of valour and women of substance who will seek you all the days of their lives. May my home be full of laughter, beautiful memories, warm and delicious meals and your very presence. May I be an example to other women. May my ‘children arise and call me blessed’. (Prov 31:28a)

When you look from heaven to earth, may I be one of the reasons why you’d say ‘WOW!’

Love always,

Daughter of the King.”


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