Dear God….


“Dear God,

Please prepare me today for the plans you have for my tomorrow, i’m ready for the growth required and the fears i must face, strengthen me like never before, and help me see beyond my comfort, teach me when to rest in you, and how to stretch for you.

Signed – Ready to be used.”

I recently came across this beautiful young woman on YouTube, whose life experiences have had such an impact on my life. She has these webisodes, and there’s a prayer at the start of every video.

See, the thing about this young lady is that, i see myself in her, i see her pain and i feel it as well, she inspires me to the core, and motivates me not to break and that the light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter as you draw nearer to it. She’s given me the courage to know that i cannot hide this anymore, and that sharing it to the world could inspire others.

So I’ve decided to do this 7 piece “Dear God…” series, and i will begin with her prayer each time, but rather i’d share my experience in place of hers. I would also begin sharing the experience with a prayer of my own.

Dear God,

I pray that through sharing my experiences, you will be my hand as i press gently on these keys, lead me on this journey, and please help my story to reach others just as Sarah’s story resonated with me.


So we all know in this life, we get lost at certain times, and at times it gets so hard to accept love because we believe we are so damaged that it will be impossible to receive such love, because we just don’t belong and we feel as though we have to do it all on our own. But there is only one person i know in this world that can give us such unconditional love, no matter what, and trust me, no matter how damaged you think you are, he loves you. Its crazy right? I know! Trust me, I get it!…but he does, and that the craziest part of it all. The one person who grants us so much grace every step of the way….GOD

I for one has been looking for love( I’m not even sure if love was what i was looking for) in all the wrong areas, i felt as though finding someone to love me, or being in a relationship with someone would fill the void i felt in my life, i run through boyfriends as quickly as the speed of light, and the problem with the boys was that none of them were grooming me to be better, its like i got worse with the passage of each boyfriend. Like each one came, shattered something in me and walked away peacefully. As usual, i tried to gather up the pieces( always losing a few, cos my eyes weren’t even good enough to see some of them) and moved on to the next……….

Our life is a series of lost and found moments(sadly mine has been more of the former, but trust me there is a purpose for the pain) and the important part of it all is that those moments are shaping us for the future.

Dear God,

Thank you for being gracious enough to wait for me to realize that you were in control all this time. I resisted you so many times, and if it were a human, he/she would’ve left me a long time ago. Thank you for your abundant grace, and for your patience.


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