Don’t stop moving

(Before i share the actual post, i just want to share just how amazing Gods works are. So hang in there)

I started this post 3days ago, i had the title and all but i couldnt come up with the content. So i just put down two sentences and saved it in my drafts.(I do this a…and come back to it months down the line when i get a fresh view of what to write) But this time, i had the tab opened till this morning (Yeah its 1am..Chile!!…look at God again! haha. lol refer to my previous post). SO i took a “power nap” and woke up at 11:40PM. Like bruhh! But anyways, i have this book i’ve been reading a bit now(I’m a super slooow reader), and i just felt a strong tugging on my heart to spend some time reading this book. So i obeyed. Ill put a link to the book below. Really great book, i urge you all to get it! And literally what i read was basically the missing content from 3days ago! I was in awe. Like, “Ohh so thats what you were doing, God?! I feel you now” type of feeling.

When the Israelites successfully escaped from Egypt and were running but got to the Red sea with the Egyptians right behind them trying to catch up to them, they felt like all hope was lost. It looked like a dead end. They went to the extent of questioning Moses as though he had brought them there to die, (as if there weren’t enough graves in Egypt..LOL!) but then God spoke to Moses, and this is what He said, 15 And the Lord said to Moses, “Why do you cry to Me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward. – Exodus 14:15″

No matter what, Don’t stop moving. Whether you fall down, you keep crawling. If you get tired, you slow down, but don’t stop! Regardless of what the situation looks like, the path may not seem visible, but keep moving, its always forward. Stagnancy is never an option with God. Imagine if the Israelites had stopped completely and began to walk back or to the sides, any other action they would have taken besides moving forward would have cost them. We must persevere towards the end. One thing i got from this book is also that when God commands us to go forward, that means He has already equipped us with what we need to make this move, given us enough to withstand what may come our way in this moving forward process. On this life journey we are on, there is no room for turning around and walking backwards. There is no room for walking left or right, because that takes you off the road. Like the first president of my country, Ghana said “Forward ever, Backward never” I believe that must be our motto in this life. And think about it, God said in His word in Rev 22:13 that 13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.” 

This means that if He is the beginning and the end, He has seen the end and has decided to come back and walk with you on this journey. He has seen you cross this bridge, He has seen you move forward in every situation, and has still called you, so we have nothing to fear, or doubt. He’s seen what it looks like from the finish end, He is like a drone watching(and recording) a marathon. The drone has the ability to see who is in the lead and even go all the way back to the person who is at the bottom of the race, whereas that person cannot see that far. But God(our drone) has seen who is ahead and rather decides to hover over us regardless of our position, or exhausted we may feel. He chose YOU and I. So keep moving.

I believe my message this morning is, no matter what life throws at you, Keep moving forward, because our Father knows we will move through it and the only way to do so is to keep moving, and not just keep moving, but MOVING FORWARD.

God bless you all.  (

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  1. A good and inspiring message here, Judy. We need to keep moving forward, despite setbacks that may arise. The Lord forgives and expects us to get back up on our feet!


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