Get the weeds out!

I was thinking so hard, trying to get back to blogging because i have been so out of touch, and to be honest fear had set in. I kept getting thoughts like, “What if no one reads my posts?” “What if they are not as good as i think they have been before my hiatus?”

Then i thought to myself, or more like the Holy Spirit reminded me saying,” Chile, you know all those posts, i lead you to write them?! What makes you think you can write them on your own now?” Thats when i got back to my senses and remembered “Zechariah 4:6 So he said to me, “This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty.”

Now on to my actual post..
During this period of figuring out exactly what my “comeback” would be, I read my devotional this morning and it pricked my heart so much that i felt the nudge of the spirit pointing me in this direction.
It is found in Luke 8:7 when Jesus said in His parable, “Some other seeds fell where thornbushes grew up and choked the plants”
Think about this….

The kind of soil with weeds in it is actually planted with crops and then begins to grow. But as it grows, weeds grow up around it, and the weeds begin to choke out the life of the vegetable or the plant, so it never bears fruit.

Here’s what Jesus says is the meaning of Luke 8:7: “The seed that fell among thorns stands for those who hear, but as they go on their way they are choked by life’s worries, riches and pleasures, and they do not mature” (Luke 8:14 NIV).

There are things that choke out hearing God:

Worry. Worries are weeds. When you’re so busy with the problems and pressures of daily living, it makes it harder to hear God.

That is when i found myself clogged up in this category..>WORRY. The past couple of months, i have been busy with my problems and everything else that i was unable to hear what God was saying to me or trying to show me. SO tonight this message is for YOU who hasn’t realized yet but you’re being choked out by your worry weeds. It happens. But it doesnt have to be so. Tonight, just stop and look to God, shut out the noise and listen to Him. Nurture your seeds daily and prevent thorns from growing.

3 thoughts on “Get the weeds out!”

  1. Hi Judy,

    I also feel the same about writing & blogging But God always through The Holy Spirit reminds me that He has called me to write my story for Hid glory – it will reach & speak to whomever needs it! Thank you for continuing to blog as the Spirit leads you. Right there with you!

    Let’s do ‘t let worry weeds choke out what He is calling us to say!

    In Christ’s love,
    Renee Peebles

  2. Wow! Reading this, I could’ve easily written it. I love your transparency on this piece. I wrote a piece the other day on my blog, afraid to share it. Intimidated by how others may read it, insecure because of my imperfections, daunted by the critics, BUT I continued anyhow. I kept on writing, and as I reflected on grace and the wonders of it, I allowed myself to be human. Undeserved favour is what I’ve been gifted with, so as I keep on going, again and again… taking baby steps at a time, I will countinue on the path towards my destination. Listen- I’m no where near my end goal. Not even close. I keep striving for more. I’m not the most eloquent, but I do believe in sharpening gifts. I love words, and being able to express myself, in my own style and language to convey a message. That. Is. Powerful. Keep on writing sis- someone is reading. ❤️

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