Gracefully Broken

“God will break you to position 

He will break you to promote you

And break you to put you in your right place

But when He breaks you He doesn’t hurt you, He doesn’t

When He breaks you He doesn’t destroy you, He does it with’



Thank you Lord, Thank You

So Father tonight, we”re broken before you

Thank You for handling us with Grace”


This song is number 4 on Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s new album Heart.Passion.Pursuit Its indeed her best work yet.

(This song is on repeat for the umpteenth time as i write this…)

When i first heard this song, i was confused because i never thought one could those two words ‘Gracefully’-‘Broken’ together. To me its sort of an oxymoron. But hey! With God everything is possible.

The image i had in mind upon hearing this song, was one of a person finely breaking into their chicken bone, with no mess. I mean i don’t know how many of you can successfully accomplish that. I know i can’t…so it was a tough image to paint, carefully breaking into that chicken bone in order to be able to easily put it back together when the time came. So my mind was blown away, but the beauty in it was that He(God)[Luke 18:27, “But He said, what is impossible with man is possible with God.”] can do that. No matter how many tiny pieces you will be broken into, He will put you together gracefully. This song/message stood out to me, especially because being completely honest with you all; I have had a rough and very tough couple of months, and i have been a mess for the most part. I have had to separate from people i have loved truly and deeply for reasons, i believe i am still coming to terms with. I thought to change my number(start afresh) but that was just me trying to hide from the situation and not face it. I was so broken and disoriented because i found it hard to live life without them, but that made me realize so many things. God truly gracefully broke me in this period.(Because now He has put me together/ is putting me together so well, so carefully that you probably will not be able to see that a couple months ago, she was once broken and shattered into pieces.) I have had to discover so much about myself. I have had to be alone(which is always the hardest part for me) but the truth is i have grown, and i have overcome.

So i guess my quick message to you all through this post is to remind you that God will break you, when necessary, but when He does this, the pieces(no matter how many or how small) will always remain close by and not go missing. The pieces will all be put together and you will not recognize how perfect the bone(You) is afterwards.

This process for me, was about letting go and letting God. That even when you feel down and broken know He’s with you and pour out your heart to Him.

We serve a perfect, wonderful, and dependable God. He said if you would let Him, He can, and He will. He will restore you, if you just let Him in, into your heart, and into your mind. He loves us soo soo much, with an everlasting love, He loves us sooo much, so much more than you can wrap your head around. And He loves you even more when you call on Him, He will fulfill every desire because He heard your cry.









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