The first real one

As i sat at my desk with a blank stare at my computer screen, it dawned on me. I will miss it. I will miss it a whole lot. The anger. The stress. The frustration. The shyness. The responsibility. The experience. The knowledge. Oh the free lunches and The team. The annoying coworker. The mistakes. The challenges. The contacts. The friendly faces that always say hi to you as you hurriedly try to get to that coffee machine, or try to make it out immediately its 5pm. The fact that after 5, your brain gets to do nothing but relax. The early morning alarm. The different coffee smells blending together to form the perfect aroma : the right way to kick start the day. Ooh that smell… 🙂 The different projects. The different exposures. The awkward business lunches. The long conversations with the boss. The different terms thrown at you during meetings. The laughs. The presentations. The conference calls. The research. The long trips down to the manufacturing floor. The endless testing. It suddenly dawned on me. That. I will miss my first real job. 🙁


** In the meantime, I’ll just keep this smile on my face because I’m grateful to have been given this opportunity not many get to experience. Thank you God.🙏

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