This is my very first post.

I’m the girl who has never ever liked english class, be it reading, writing, literature..etc, i just never saw the importance. Mostly because i never performed that well in english class, so i guess it automatically made me hate the class and everything about it.  Four years down the line after high school(well and college), here i am starting a blog; a writing blog! Who would’ve imagined?! Miracles do happen.

But deciding to start this blog raised numerous questions i had ask and answer myself. Just thought i’d share so you have answers to possibly the same questions i was asking myself. So, here goes it!

  1. Why on earth would you want to start a blog when in actual fact, you dislike writing or anything with words?

It is true that i strongly dislike writing, but i absolutely love to express myself, to the extent that i keep my thoughts and express myself on my notepad on my phone and tablet.To be honest, I find some kind of joy and peace in doing so. Because in actual fact, i believe doing so is much better than telling friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, parents,….etc. And definitely less drama! I guess we can say i enjoy writing about my thoughts and experiences. its my own kind of yoga, and i feel the need to share it with the world.

2.   So are you basically going to be sharing your deepest darkest secrets, like is this some sort of diary?

Seriously?! I’m not; im still going to handle my private business the way i usually do, just share important thoughts or things in my life that i feel could encourage or help others; such as my journey with God, my progress, my struggles..etc

3.   Can you just submit your next post already?

LOL! I’m hoping on that now…..See ya!

Hope you enjoy love my Blog!

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