I remember…

I remember…

I remember when this journey began, or more like when I could see signs of my life turning around towards God. I remember being so worried about how I would relate with my friends, or if I’d even still have friends. I remember at a point I had to live a double life for fear of being called “holy/supersaved”. I remember I’d hide to pray or serve God. I remember I only posted my “turn up” snaps so no one could suspect me of being that way. I remember it was a battle for me. A tough one. I couldn’t figure out what my identity was. I couldn’t decide which person I wanted to be. Because I didn’t know😔

Then I prayed, I prayed to Him….I prayed so hard for Him to help me. I’m sure when I was praying this prayer I probably didn’t believe anything was going to happen. Honestly, it was then that I realized that when God places you in certain positions, He supplies you with all you would require to adequately perform that task.

He helped me….i was equipped with armor i didn’t know i had on.


Dear Father, I want to thank you. You have never failed me. Not once. In my darkest days, you were there; in my doubtful days, you were there; in my brightest days, you remained. I just want to say thank you. For doing that which no human can ever do for me. AMEN

God bless you all.  (ladyjay27blog@gmail.com)

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