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I decided to include this section. Why? Because i needed to be very open and raw with you all. I know my blogposts already shows some aspects of that, but i needed this section to take an anonymous form, whereby as you read it, you can connect to it without knowing exactly who the writer is. I will be the one typing up these posts; sometimes the posts might originally be mine, and at other times, i may have a guest/friend write up something for me to post. You really wont know who is writing these, so you can also comment, “anonymously” if you’d prefer. I welcome entries as well, so just email me and i will share yours.

These posts would take the form of a diary entry. 

Please be aware, that this is not for me to hide behind words or anything of the sort, but to make people connect to the message or the experience without  linking it to the writer. Also, this is because there are things or struggles we go through as christians, some we may still be going through which we sometimes just want to share with the world, in its raw form…no minced words, or wrapped up texts.

I will include a prayer at the end of it, just to encourage anyone who reads and relates with it as well.


Under Construction.

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