Letters to my Father

Dear God,

When everything around you seems to be closing in on you, even on your best days, the day is just as gloomy.

Been struggling to keep my head above water all throughout this year. The hardest thus far was this month. Everyday of this month has been a challenge. From the littlest to the greatest, I’ve been doing my best. I’m not sure what you have in store for me but I could really use a light, any light.

No one seems to understand, and the situation is changing me. I can tell I am not okay, but where do I turn to? To many, “get over it”, but to others they have no clue what to do. It would be easy to just tell everyone “I just want you to show up for me a little more than usual”, “love on me in ways you know i’d appreciate”

As I’m learning lately though, life isn’t really that way. We all get caught up in our individual lives. Lord, just show up for me.



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