“Its funny how everyone else can see what you don’t see, maybe you’re too close, ‘cos from here it’s a masterpiece.” – Deitrick Haddon

“God is the only one who can take a paintbrush and dip it into all the tears i’ve cried, paint all over my wrongs and make them right.” – Deitrick Haddon

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“Never underestimate yourself. You are God’s masterpiece!”, they said. Ah i never really understood this, but they said it says so in the Bible. Well truthfully, in Ephesians 2:10 the Bible says, “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

Okay so i got all the Bible stuff, proving what they were saying, but in terms of my own personal life, i just couldn’t link the two. It’s like telling a child to see the beauty in a pile of mess, they just cant make it out. I couldn’t figure it out. How could i be a masterpiece when i had to start over college twice? How could i be a masterpiece when i was failing at everything i was doing? How could i be a masterpiece when i was lying to everyone about where i was and what i was doing? How could i be a masterpiece when i was emptying bottles of wine daily? How could i be a masterpiece when i couldn’t even figure out what the truth was anymore because i had lied so much that i started believing my own lie? How could i be a masterpiece when i couldn’t figure out who i was anymore? How could i be a masterpiece when i couldn’t even bear to face my family with my truth?……….I mean, i thought a masterpiece was supposed to be an artist’s best piece of art? SO how do i (with all my faults) fall within this category?

See what i was failing to do was realize that even with masterpieces, while they are being painted(in relation to artwork), mistakes are made; but the artist paints over the errors, fixes it, but makes it into something else, each time. What am i trying to say? Okay, so in relation to my life, all those mistakes i was pointing out, especially failing college the first time(well i wouldn’t say failing…but ahh well, close enough), and being one of the top two graduates the second time explains why i am a masterpiece; because he took my mistakes, painted over them and made my painting a masterpiece. But see, here’s the twist. He’s not done, the painting isn’t complete, and because it isn’t complete, mistakes are prone to occur(Not to say God is not a perfect God, He is a perfect God, but that’s just how He planned it), thus, the painting keeps changing, and each time it changes, He values it as His greatest achievement ( cos that’s what masterpieces are). So can you imagine how awesome and extraordinary the final painting would be?

Well, there you go! Sometimes, just take a step back and admire your progress, admire how far the painting has come along……And then you too will believe you are HIS Masterpiece. I truly believe i am God’s MASTERPIECE! YOU ARE TOO!

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