For the longest time, i thought i could do this(life) on my own. I felt like i needed to just ‘find myself’ as they call it; and then afterwards, everything would fall in place. I knew there was a God, i just didn’t know Him personally yet.  My thought process on life was, as you’re growing up, you start figuring out what or who you want to be in future, then you pick your university having that in mind. Afterwards, make it in college and graduate with honors, get a good job, get married, have kids, and then watch your kids grow, and they continue the cycle……ermmm hol’ up! *dramatic pause*

No! No! No! No!

Now that I’m older, I’ve come to realize that is not how it works, because with that method, where does God fit in? ‘Cos it sure seems as though He’s struggling to squeeze in somewhere.

I mean, God created us. He placed us on this earth, carefully picked a family and placed us with them. He provided for us, watched us grow. You think He was just bored? No! He created us for a purpose(Not that everyone should be a pastor or preacher oo). Each and every one of us. He placed within us gifts to use, gifts to aid us on our journey. He gave us His word and the Holy Spirit to guide us, and help us. Primarily, we all have the same purpose of being an Ambassador for Christ, but besides that we each have separate purposes. That is why we cannot all go through the same cycle of life. Some have to start at an early age, others have to start when they’re old; some have to undergo series of pain before they get there, we all have different ways we have to go; some have to finish college early, others have to finish later…etc.

SO do not think your ultimate goal is to become a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, a businessman/woman..etc. Take time out and discover the real reason why God placed you on this earth, and in that family. What is your purpose?


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