The Spiritual Pit stops

It’s funny how the year started off with me thinking I was going to end up in a whole new location, and my biggest worry was whether I was ready to move or not.

Fast forward almost 6 months later, I’m still where I began, no move and no change yet. The irony of the image i used for this post is that I’ve actually been walking solely by sight and not faith in this season of my life. Its been a huge struggle and downwards journey to have faith, when every ounce of hope is taken away at every turn.

I’ve had so many highs and so many lows, I’m not sure what this all means. Frustration should be my middle name at this point; and Worry, my last.

But in the midst of this rollercoaster ride, God sends a word, that lifts me up and keeps me going. One that causes me to remember that which He’s brought me out of in the past.

Not promising it’s an easy journey, but I’m grateful for the little pit stops He gives me along the way to catch my breath and take a second to recuperate.

Selah ♥️

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