The Holy Spirit has been teaching me this so much in this first half of the year. He’s put me in tough positions, He’s taken people out of my life, He’s starved me, He’s thrown so many hints. But I’ve been so stubborn to learn and keep it with for the rest of my life.
Truth is, it’s not that I do not want to trust in Him. I know what the good word says when you trust in Him(Prov. 3:5), but being human, and still falling prey to my flesh, it’s a tough battle everytime I have to make a decision. That’s when I realized that life as a Christian is a constant battle between your spirit and your flesh. The flesh wants to be in control(which you don’t want), but the spirit needs to be in control. So how then do you trust in God 💯?
1. Make a commitment to God. Tell Him to take over your life.
2.You feed your spirit constantly, by reading the word and living by it. By doing this, you give the spirit more control.
3. You minimize the things that feed your flesh, because if you don’t, then what you’re doing is cos 90. You’re just evenly increasing both the spirit and flesh. You need to make sure they are inversely proportional to each other.
4. Believe that God speaks, and you will hear.

These are things I am doing that have helped me to trust in God, and I definitely see a change in my life. Test God!

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