The best is yet to come

My father called me to his room that day and said to me….those very words i did not want to hear, “your mum might be too tired when she gets home, and there is a surprise birthday party for my boss around 7, so if she is tired, you will have to go with me.”

I had made plans to escape from the house to see friends or invite a friend over! He just ruined my plans! And he wasn’t even asking…i literally had no say! He was telling me! KMT

I tried to psyche myself up, i was excited about the thought of attending such a classy event with my dad. Unfortunately, that excitement died down quickly, after thinking about what i could do with all the freedom when my dad wasn’t at home(Don’t worry, my dad is no monster…i love him, but sometimes we just want the house all to ourselves). Honestly, i had no choice. I tried to force myself to sleep, only to wake up to my dads voice calling me to get ready to go. I rushed, dolled myself up a bit(which i was actually very proud of), got dressed. I then heard my mum walk through the door. With such excitement(hoping to be rid of this event), i went to get the door. To my surprise(well not really…) she said oh you look nice, i’m too tired to go, so just go in my place. Yah! i rolled my eyes.  i was so mad……………………………Wait why am i telling you all of this?

OK. OK. Fast forward

Going to this event put me in contact with several reputable people. I mean despite the occasional comments from the typical African grown folks, my fake, and the constant comments such as,”You’ve grown so much…You look so much like your mum now…Prince you have such a beautiful daughter o…i thought that was your girlfriend(Awks! I know..haha)etc”

The theme of this party was, “The best is yet to come”. There was a CD attached to the invitation, i   believe it was a Frank Sinatra CD. We listened to the songs all the way to the event. Throughout the night, they kept playing this song, the best is yet to come. I took that with me as i entered the new year, and God has indeed revealed to me that He wanted me to know that the best is yet to come. Ever since then, between life’s struggles and hardships, I’ve always been reminded that the best is yet to come. Even at my current point in life, i am grateful because it seems like the best has come. But if God is saying the best is yet to come, then i am very excited about the future.

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  1. Every time I hear or see “the best is yet to come”, my excitement level guess from 50% to 110% especially when discussing future plans with people on like minds. I’m excited for you. Also knowing that God has got us though it all. Everything we go through is to make us better people.

    1. Haha thats good! Indeed, God has promised us in His word Jer. 29:11, so the phrase “the best is yet to come” is just a confirmation of His word. God really has got us through everything. God bless you so much.

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