The best man i ever knew

He was extremely funny and quite shy.❤

He was super sweet and had a huge heart.❤

He was a genius, and a very humble one at that.❤

He was God-fearing, a rare character trait he possessed.❤

He was my best friend, because no one else could fill that position.❤

He was self sacrificing, way beyond your imagination.❤

He was everything i wanted and more.❤

He was my love.❤

He was my confidant.❤

He was a shoulder i could cry on.❤

He was a listening ear.❤

He was my person.❤

He was always there, whether i needed him or not.❤

He was my high.❤

He was my favourite and constant skype buddy.❤

He was the best gem i ever found.❤

He was an angel sent from heaven.❤

He was my first……..death. 🙁❤

His death was my deepest and greatest pain.❤

HE IS my angel.❤

HE IS Kenneth Narh…..The Best Man I Ever Knew.❤

**I wish i had been there with you in your last days.(Its been 3years now)

**I know you’re in a much better place, and when i cry, i cry because i’m thankful to God for the perfect, painless life he’s given you now.

**Sleep in peace, my love! Ball hard up with the angels.❤❤


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