The ‘Call’

The hardest part of each blogpost for me is the beginning. Because at the onset of reading it, you want to get all your readers engaged in whatever you may be discussing( I guess this is the part i missed out on because i hated english classes so much in high school)

Todays piece is about this new journey i have begun with the Holy Spirit and a few friends i felt lead to call upon by His direction.

It all begun with a ‘call’, one which i could not comprehend because i was too busy listening to other things that i couldn’t hear this call clearly, its like trying to answer a phone call in the makola market(a huge marketplace back in my country, Ghana), or trying to speak with a friend with an annoyingly low, tiny voice amidst all the craziness of Times Square,New York City(highly impossible huh?…yeah i know lol).

But finally i heard it, and to prevent this post from being super long, it was a strong desire to connect with all my close friends(whom for the most part, i mainly gossip with,di turn up with, cry with(to)..etc, Never share Gods word) and also to share with them on a deeper level, my newly found joy, and yearning for God. At the onset, it sounded like a crazy idea, not because my friends we’re atheists, or that they shared a different faith; they are Christians like myself. It just felt more like feeding your new baby something new that they’ve never tried, the baby could really like it and want more, or he won’t and would cry so loud and make you uncomfortable, even to the extent of disturbing your neighbors(ok maybe i’m exaggerating, but yeah you get what i’m getting at)

But before that, have you ever tried doing something not everyone else may be comfortable enough to do, but you feel inclined to do it however, not knowing the outcome, or how people are going to respond to it? (Yes, i know i sound like i’m always listening and/or caring about what people think.but trust me thats not the case

So as usual, i had an idea, i believe the Holy Spirit placed it on my heart, but in the beginning, i was not sure what exactly it was.

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