The Close Christian Friends

I came across this post from this amazing blogger whose posts i’m totally in love with. She titled it “Three Close Christian Friends”, and it was basically about how as a growing christian you need people in your life who can give you the WWJD, and not just what they think.“You need people in your life to go to for answers- but not just for any answer, for the GOD answer.” Those you can go to and just share encounters you’ve had with the Holy Spirit. Those who will be there to catch you when you’re falling and bring you back in line with God’s purpose for your life. Those who just randomly message you to ask for prayer points, amongst others.

It got me thinking, and i realized, its extremely important to have those ‘three close christian friends'(not necessarily three…i’m just referring to the blogger’s post) you can relate with on that level. I believe every christian needs them,because like my blogger pointed out in her post, even Jesus had disciples. He could’ve walked this earth alone, but He chose to walk with a select few. Do you have those?

Note this: Jesus did carefully select them.♥






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