The relay race



I listened to this message a few days ago. Honestly cannot remember who it was by, but the preacher used this analogy: When a teabag is in the pack/box, you do not really see what it contains, until you place that teabag in hot water, then the contents come out, you really bring out what is within it.

What am i trying to say?

Think about it. You don’t know what you are made of until you pass through trials(hot water).We need some heat to change our perceptions and release what is within us. Without hot situations, we are just floating around. When you are faced with something, something so painful, something so difficult that you sometimes just want to give up, you are at your lowest, and sometimes cannot even process things well. But after trying on your own, you suddenly have faith and trust that God will pull you through. You have some sort of peace.  As always, God comes through with your breakthrough, He works a miracle, He pulls you out of the storm. At this point, you realize a lot about yourself that you wouldn’t have known of, had you not passed through the “heat”. You have utmost trust in God now(your true content…the fighter, that trust, is out after being placed in the ‘boiling hot water’) God uses our problems to teach us to trust him. If you never had a problem, you’d never know God could solve it. A powerful man of God once said,”You don’t know God is all you need until God is all you got.”

There are some things in life, that you only learn through pain…yes, through pain! You lose your job, your marriage is on the rocks, your finances have dwindled to a trickle. What do you do? How do you move forward? What are the next steps? All God wants you to do is to recognize that He is with you. You get married and make your spouse your priority. No! God is your priority, because once He occupies that number 1 spot, anything after that falls in line. It is like a relay race. Once the first person starts off really well, most cases, the rest follow in order. Even if the middle/last person is really slow, the first runner created such a huge gap that no matter how slow any member of the team is, the gap will still be wide. Ask yourself this:”who is at the front of my relay race?” Don’t you want God at the front of your relay race?

So as this month begins, I want to urge you to trust in God. Just put it to the test. Test Him. Let God be the anchor in your relay race(Matthew 6:33).









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