The Test…my examination

Think about this..

In most cases, you are required to take a final examination at the end of each semester in each class. Even during the semester you are tested with quizzes, multiple exams, tests, projects, amongst others. Your marriage goes through various tests, your friendships are tested, you are tested in the office as well(directly or indirectly)

What am i trying to say here? In almost every aspect of your life, you are tested, you are required to go through exams, and tests.There can be no growth without testing, and there can be no testing without difficulties.

So ask me why i thought i wouldn’t experience the same with my Christian walk?

Grace! (smirks)
Yeah, we all have grace, but we are all required to go through tests as we grow and become more like Christ. When you decide to trust in God, you are automatically enrolled in the School Of Faith, thus tests and examinations. Today i want to share with you all the most difficult test i have taken thus far in my life as a Christian, and hopefully it encourages someone.

A couple of years ago, i had a major issue with school, and i hit rock bottom with my life in general and my faith especially because i could not go on. I did several things i am not proud of, but my Father in Heaven who says in Deut.31:6, “….He will never leave you nor forsake you”, did not leave my side. I had strength from nowhere, faith that kept me grounded and a testimony i couldn’t keep to myself. I survived that turbulence. So a few months ago, i was faced with a very similar issue, and my first question was to God, i was confused, i told Him i thought i had passed this stage, why am i going through this again? I was scared, but at peace. I was unsure of what to do but very certain of what was going to happen. I was filled with so much doubt within but i had strength enough to face it. Very contradictory yeah? I promise you, that’s how i felt.

Then it hit me,‘ Judy, you are not the same as you were a few years ago, so why are you allowing this to beat you down? You are stronger than you were, wiser than you were, and more aware of whose you are, very much in tune with the Holy Spirit, so why are you worried?’ Immediately, i felt the peace of God (Phillipians 4:7) just take over me, and i found myself being more encouraging than i was; my aunt who was dealing with me was confused as to how i was being so positive and acting all chilled about it, i’m sure she thought i was crazy. I was very certain that this was just a test from God to ensure i had fully understood what happened years back. This was my examination. So did i pass? Yes, i did! Because i took hold of the situation and looked to God to move and deal with the situation for me because He said He would.(Psalm 55:22)

It’s safe to say, God turned the situation around and added more to it! I could not believe my eyes and ears after the storm calmed. In fact i still cannot! If you have been through a particular situation before and you find yourself in the same ‘soup’ again, remember, and remind yourself that this is just my final examination, God is just checking to make sure i learned from the past situation, that i put my trust 100% in Him, and just sit back, cross your arms and watch Him deliver you.

God bless you all!


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  1. Judy, I love reading your posts and today, I said I’ll type out your blog on my laptop, instead of reading it through the email notification that doesn’t really leave an obvious place to comment. I’m proud of you and grateful to God for your journey. You are so diligent through it all and believe me, your posts are helping someone, multiple people.
    To confirm what you said (and amen to “The Spirit is ONE!”), when I had my testimony last year, I was in disbelief long after the storm calmed. Your exact words “I could not believe my eyes and ears after the storm calmed. In fact i still cannot!” describe this perfectly. God will do and overdo beyond belief when you just hold on to Him. Most times, He’s just wiping the dirt from our windows so we can see clearer.
    Love you, sister!

    1. Emem! Honestly you’ve been my biggest motivation from the very beginning. I remember when I showed you my blog and told you about it and you motivated me to keep going. So I owe you a huge thanks! You didn’t just stop there, your comments and constant love shown on here is just beyond wonderful. So thank you love! I thank God for your testimony, and I can relate so well. I love this,”He really is just wiping the dirt from our windows so we can see clearer.” Love you too, sis❤️

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