The Wait

“God shows you His design for your life. He whets your appetite for all He has planned. Excitement overwhelms you as you sit on the edge of your seat. Then you wait.” – YouVersion Bible App

I waited.

Have you ever received a word or a sign from God that is seems way too good to be false? Like everything falls into place, that you are so certain God has come through for you…chale your breakthrough has basically arrived!

I had/have that sign, and for the longest time, i was so certain of all these confirmations from God, all these signs from God, everything was falling into place, all the missing pieces in this aspect of my life. At a point, i began to blame the devil for trying to steal my dreams. (Haha! always the one to be blamed) It was even too good to be true, i had to doubt myself multiple times, but i was being reassured multiple times as well. Infact i felt my breakthrough had also arrived.


And then everything that had fallen in place, began to fall apart.

I held on so strong, because i questioned myself, “how can a word from God…a seasoned word from God, not come true?”(Trust me, at this point i had forgotten all about the different scenarios you can find in the Bible about having to wait for long even after receiving a direct word from God.) Why must i wait, now?

A Bible plan i began reading this year said this, “God tucks a dream deep in your heart. You believe Him for the completion of this dream. You patiently do all the “right” things. Then you wait.”

At this time where it all seemed to fall apart, i doubted the word i had received, that maybe i hadn’t heard God well enough. But as time went on, i noticed that, the waiting period i had been placed in was/is to shape me up so i am ready to fully receive what He has for me. It is also to cause me to not lose focus and become attached to what He is giving me, but rather focus on the giver (Christ)

SO i just want to let you know, that If you find yourself waiting, even after you have received a word so strong, i urge you to remember this verse:

But those who wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint. – Isaiah 40:31

It is a renewal period, not a full stop, a comma. The waiting period is to cause us to trust His delays and not to doubt His ways.

“We give up too easily because we don’t see what we want to see when we want to see it.” Waiting is necessary. Waiting gives clarity. Waiting gives assurance.



5 thoughts on “The Wait”

  1. Wow!!
    Awesome piece.
    Indeed waiting gives clarity and causes us not to focus on the things we need but the giver of the things.
    It gives us strong muscles…it’s like a spiritual gym, keeps us in shape!!
    Thanks for sharing dear.

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