-Unknown Seasons-

As servants of God, let us lead people to Christ, through our testimonial life…..This is what i do.

Writing has been very tough for me for the past couple of months. Summer went by and i surprisingly was unable to write(seeing as i had so much time, or so i thought). And that goes to show the journey i have been on and the disconnect i have had with God.

I write these posts as He places them on my heart, and not being in sync with Him makes it hard to receive messages. Hence my bloggers’ block. But anyways, i will explain more of that as i am lead in subsequent posts.

The quote below from my favourite preacher basically sums up the season i am in; the struggles and discomfort you feel as your world is being shaken up, as your insecurities are being revealed to you, as you are fully growing and stepping into your purpose. It is hard. It is tough. It is a change, and it is all about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. This season has taught and is teaching me so much about this journey i have been called unto(leadership), about life, about how to face what is unknown.

“There will come a moment when all that matters to you is that you experience growth, not comfort. When that time comes it will shake your world up. It will cause you to expand into areas of thought that you never thought possible. It will be liberating and isolating. It takes a special kind of person to resist comfort and to press into the unknown. The unknown is scary. It reveals your vulnerabilities and insecurities. The unknown is where you discover the layers of who you were created to be. If we are not careful we will see the unknown as a place where all we can do is survive. The survival mentality does not allow for you to glean the lessons this season is committed to teaching you” – Sarah Jakes Roberts

I write this not to just tell you, but to show you that as Christians, the journey we have been called unto, does have some tough, not so clearly understood seasons, where you may have to walk totally alone(with God), where you may have to be silent and just listen(silent seasons), amongst others. It’s been a struggle!

No matter what your season may be, remember that God is at work in your life. He is weaving a beautiful tapestry; it’s not finished, but it is in progress. Know that God is gracious, good, and that He loves you. If you find yourself discouraged on this journey, take another look at the life of Ruth and remember that God works for the good of His people.

“Let the faithfulness of God free you from the fear of the unknown.” – Carl Lentz

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