(I missed you all so much, honestly!)

For the past couple of weeks, i have been unable to write anything(not to say i have nothing to share…ohh i do! A lot!) But i have not had the opportunity or the peace of mind to write. So today, i decided to ignore everything going on in my “super busy life”, to write and try to share a bit of what’s been going on with me in the past month or so.

First of all! i am super excited and looking forward to this Christmas!


It is going to be a very very different and unique Christmas break for me……….I decided to embark on a very important journey for and with Jesus Christ, and it all begins in DECEMBER. I wish i could say more about this, but i am in no place to do so. However, when i return from this journey, you will all read and know more about it. Your prayers would be largely appreciated.

Okay back to my update.

It has honestly ben a tough couple of weeks, both physically, spiritually and mentally. It has been a struggle all round. There were many times where i just broke down into tears because i was overwhelmed, stressed out, and had no one to turn to. There were times where i was vulnerable to friends and not to God, forgetting He is the number one constant in my life. There were times where i went weeks without praying or worshipping, and there were also times where i could not wake up without talking to my Father in heaven. I experienced many trials and temptations, but the fact that i am able to come on here today to share and to speak is a reason to thank God for His consistent protection over my life.

I will go through each and every trial i have faced in separate posts, because as i began typing, i noticed it would be one extremely long post if i poured it all out on here. So be looking forward to my subsequent posts as i am very much excited to share with you all.

God is Great! Always and Forever!


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