What you should know as you read my blogposts🤔🤔

I am not perfect, but i am learning to be vulnerable.

My passion is to inspire all with my stories, experiences, and encounters with the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes i wonder how having a blog fits into my crazy life right now.I am trying to balance school with leading a bible study/prayerline, i am trying to figure out ‘me’ and my purpose.

When it comes to my testimony, i just cant help it but share where God has brought me, and where He is taking me

I am not in any way perfect and as I grow in my faith, the Holy Spirit continues to mold and shape me like clay in the potter’s house.

The Holy Spirit is gently molding me into the image of Christ, reshaping the clay that was once broken or out of shape.

I believe God has blessed me with this open spirit, and I am required to use it for His kingdom.

I am still figuring out the ropes of this Christian walk. I am still a child in His kingdom….well we all are.

Some of my posts which talk about encounters I had with the Holy Spirit; these are not to show off to the world(if that’s even a thing). My walk with God is to create in you a desire to know Him on a personal level too. A desire to have Him take the drivers seat in your life, to lead your life so that you see how life is with Him in it.

As you read my blog, know that I am trusting that God is in total control of my life. He is the puppet master gradually pulling my strings and directing me as to where I should go.🙏🏾🙏🏾


1 thought on “What you should know as you read my blogposts🤔🤔”

  1. God will surely give you more grace to do everything you are doing… Sometimes when I read your posts I feel I’m reading mine… Lol
    Keep writing, I will keep reading!
    Bless you dear

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