Your no.1 fan

So a friend sent this to me and I thought I’d share.

‘God is your no.1 Fan! He’s the One who never ever thinks evil of you, always wants the best for you and is always thinking of new ways to bless you. He’s always by your side and goes everywhere with you. He’s the only one that sees only the best in you and sees your beauty in and out. He’s the only One who loves you with no strings attached. He’s the only One who willingly listens to your problems and never judges you when you fail. Every waking and sleeping moment of your life is steeped in His deep longing to get your attention because He’s totally in love with you. He’s the only One who has cheered you on all your life. He’s the only One who gives to you without any ulterior motives.

God is the only one who thinks you are worth dying for and has proved this love by dying for you. Jesus died on the cross for you even when you yourself thought you weren’t worth dying for. Don’t ever think that no one cares, God your no.1 fan cares. He thinks you are amazing, beautiful, funny and He loves your company so much He never leaves you nor forsakes you. He never judges you or thinks any different of you when you disappoint Him or abandon Him. He never stops loving you and there’s nothing that you will ever do that can or will change that. God loves you and is your no.1 fan!’


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